Research & Publications

Multilingualism, Computational Approaches to Linguistic & Sociolinguistic Analyses

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  • Our AACL’23 Tutorial (Current Status of NLP in Southeast Asia with Insights from Multilingualism & Linguistic Diversity). 
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Multilingualism, Language Contact & Change, Turkish

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Multi-Media & Recommendation Systems

  • Lehinevych, T., Kokkinis-Ntrenis, N. Siantikos, G., Doğruöz, A.S., Giannakopoulos, T. & Konstantopoulos, S. (2014). Discovering similarities for content-based recommendation and browsing in multimedia collections. Signal-Image Technology and Internet-Based Systems (SITIS’14).

Multilingual Machine Translation

  • Lison, P. & Doğruöz, A.S. (2018). Detecting Machine-Translated Subtitles in Large Parallel Corpora. Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, Miyazaki, Japan.
  • Başkaya, O., Yıldız, E., Tuna, D., Eren, M.T., Doğruöz, A.S. (2017). Integrating meaning into Quality Evaluation of Multilingual Machine Translation. European Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL), Valencia, Spain.

Social Robotics

  • Konstantapoulos, S. Dagioglou, M., Doğruöz, A.S., Kirstein, F. (2014). Human-Robot Interaction Strategies for Unobtrusively Acquiring Health Related Data. MOBIHEALTH, International Conference on Wireless Mobile Communication in Health Care, Athens, Greece.